Alicia Perez, Reiki Master Practitioner, Pranic Healer

Healing Willow

I’m Alicia, Healing Willow, Reiki Master practitioner & Pranic Healer.

A Willow tree signifies that instead of going against the current of the wind, one must flow with it instead.  It is also a symbol for courage, strength, and the ability to survive.   

From an early age, I was spiritually intuitive. Yet I had not a clue on how to develop the abilities.  With so much that happened from an early age, these abilities became less and less of a priority.  As I grew older, I shoved it deeper to assimilate into societal norms.  

Yet the farther I distanced myself from my abilities, the more incomplete and at a loss I felt.  

It was not till March 2021, that I decided to open that door and begin my own path of healing and trusting my intuition once more.  

While it has been quite a rollercoaster of healing and learning, and still is, I would not trade it for anything.  The value I’ve gained with being more connected to my truest self is immeasurable. 

I am absolutely grateful for this journey and ready to welcome what is yet to come.