How Can Hypnotherapy & Past Life Regression Help?

Hypnotherapy Healing & Past Life Regression

How can this help me?

Hypnotherapy healing works beneath the conscious mind to help unravel patterns from past trauma and unhealthy thought formations that keep us feeling stuck, unhappy and unfulfilled.

Journeys into the deeper parts of the divine mind (intuition, instincts & creative expression) allow for recognition of personal truth and a reconnection with the Wisdom that has always been ready to bloom within.

Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression connect us to our guides, to our higher self and help us to better understand where we may be limiting ourselves on a spiritual level so we may reMEMBER our divine purpose here on Earth.

Erin Touponse with Mystic Healing Reiki offers Hypnotherapy Healing and Past Life Regression here at The Blackbird House.

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