Marlaina Haigh

RMT, Bio-field Tuning, Theta Healing, Sound Healing

Marlaina has worked for over 30 years as a Registered Nurse in long-term care and post-acute care and is passionate about health and wellness. Through extensive experience working with the elderly she continued to develop her love of nursing and making a difference. 

She has come to realize that applying a holistic lifestyle helps avoid chronic conditions and dis-ease, leading to health and vitality well into our golden years!

Marlaina is greatly influenced by Energy Medicine and holistic Health and is enrolled in Holistic Health Educators’s Holistic Health Coaching program.  

She has a love of nature and appreciates our human connection with Mother Earth.

Marlaina is a Reiki Master Teacher, trained in Dr. Tennant Therapy, Bio-field Tuning , Theta Healing, Heart Math,  Light Stream Technologies sound healing, and End of Life Reiki. 

What to expect during a session:

Marlaina’s techniques help clear stuck energy and imbalances by creating a healing environment that awakens the healer within. 

Energy and sound healing can move and harmonize stagnant energy to assist you in feeling balanced and grounded. Using frequency, light, tuning forks, and channeled energy, she harmonizes imbalances in your body and biofield to induce a balanced state of health and calm. Her energy transmission works in partnership with your intention and divine guidance so no two sessions are the same.